A straight talking whisky with less of the blah, blah, blah

Consumers are looking to switch from blends to single malts but struggle with choosing ones they like due to knowledge gaps. So sometimes you just need to simplify what can be a confusing category.

Through the sea of sameness, we delivered a new brand platform of the 'Straight Talking Whiskey' reducing a complex market with a simple question - smoky or smooth?

Our job was to make Aerostone relevant and relatable.

To do that, we had to understand the category, and what made whiskey the same same same. Then we turned it on it’s head. 

The new ‘Straight Talking Single Malt’ stripped away the distorted perception of the whiskey world and created some much needed crystal clear clarity.

The power was put back in the customers hands as they were asked one simple question ‘smoky or smooth’. That’s it. That’s all they needed to think about.

For Aerstone, this a fresh new territory which reframes the same thing in a different way, delivers clear signaling to give the consumer confidence to make a choice and is supported by a new brand world that is distinctly Aerstone and nobody else in the category.

So that just leaves us with one question; when it comes to being smoky or smooth, which one are you?

If you’re looking for ways you can make yourself distinctive in a crowded market, talk to us now. No really. Right now.