Trick shots on TikTok. Because we’re the best at weather.

Everyone else predicts the weather.
While The Weather Channel simply gets it right. All the time.

Our task was to promote the Weather Channel app on TikTok, appealing to younger people in a way that felt native to that social channel.

This was a pure acquisition campaign. Obtain as many downloads as possible.

We realised that most of the other weather apps out there are pretty much the same. Predictable radar graphics and repetitive data visualisations. And we knew that just wouldn’t work on TikTok.

But here’s a cool fact… The Weather Channel is legally allowed to describe themselves as ‘The World’s Most Accurate Forecaster’.

So we decided we’d own accuracy to stand out from the competition. We just needed to turn accuracy into something fresh that was relevant for a younger audience and wouldn’t immediately feel like an ad.

Our campaign was all about impressive accuracy. Just like The Weather Channel.

Executionally, we landed on trick shots. One, because they’re cool. And two, because they’re a thing people actually want to watch.

Then all that was left to add was, ‘That’s impressively accurate, like us.’

Campaign performance metrics? Blue skies. Sizzling sun. Zero chance of rain.