The Meg

Making a Splash

Sharks, Statham and Summer - what more could you want from Warner Bros’ new action-packed thriller? Tommy braved the waters to elevate The Meg as the must-see movie of the season with a fan-first campaign that prompted participation and shares to build excitement ahead of its release.

Taking a bite out of the Meg’s social, we brought out the film’s playful tone to produce eye-catching, Meg-themed memes that tapped into existing conversations online. A green screen experience also put a spotlight on the fans, seeing them become bait for our blood-thirsty lead. Fancy a dip into our digital campaign? Take a look…

The question

How do we drive must-see movie buzz on social?

The answer

Create interactive, shareable experiences that make it all about the fans

Tommy’s green screen product was a huge success on social - turning fans into stars, ready for feeding time.

Instagram Stories and meme-style social pieces injected humour into the film’s thriller themes.

It’s feeding time

Open wide for more…

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