T2 Trainspotting

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With the release of Danny Boyle’s T2 Trainspotting, a sequel to the 1996 classic, Tommy were tasked with creating a fully international, thumb-stopping social media campaign and an interactive digital experience.

Required to both stay true to the themes of the original, and to highlight the new narrative, Tommy, in partnership with Magic Mirror and it's XBox Kinect technology, created a created a personalised poster maker, resurrecting the iconic visuals from the 90's.

Touring internationally at select events, visitors played with giant interactive mirrors, on which they could create, share and print their own T2 Trainspotting poster. The experience was also made available for those at home or on mobile, where users could similarly insert themselves into the artwork and share to their favourite social network, all from a single webpage.

The question

How do you relaunch the most anticipated British sequel of the decade?

The answer

Highlight the new, while humorously acknowledging that nothing's changed.

Social content to stop online audiences in their tracks - double take. Did you read that right?

Add your name, take a selfie, customize, share or print your very own poster.


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counts right?

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