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Tommy was on a roll - killin’ it with a steady stream of digital activations - and Sony jumped on with an action-packed feature starring Taraji P. Henson.

When a hit woman aligned with a Boston crime-syndicate meets a young boy from a previous assignment, her life is unexpectedly shot in a new direction. Tommy was brought on to ideate and deliver inventive digital activations inspired by blaxploitation look-and-feel of the film while remaining equally engaging and repeatable across mobile platforms.

Assembling our creative toolkit including a tap-through mini-game with custom-recorded audio clips, an assassin’s handbag canvas micro-site and an array of social posts that seemed to break out of the channel formats, Tommy’s bullet-proof approach was well-rounded and hard-hitting.

The question

How do you develop digital engagement pieces that ooze interactivity

The answer

Break out of expected formats and gamify custom content

Tommy worked directly with talent to source responses for use within the mini-game.

Tap into striking graphics to trigger repeated playability.

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