Free should mean Free. No strings. No tricks. No traps.

What if something that sounds too good to be true…
…is actually true?

Netflix had been hella busy in Vietnam. Building on a massive flurry of social activity, they needed our help launching Free Plan in late October 2021.

Slight problem. Massive amounts of scepticism.

Vietnamese people love freebies just as much as anyone else. But the thing is, they’ve also got a realistic and pragmatic attitude. Making them regard free stuff with a healthy dollop of doubt. 

If it’s free… does that mean it’s somehow crappy quality? Is it dodgy in some way? There must be strings attached? Wait, is this a scam? 

And who could blame them. The entertainment landscape around them is littered with free pirate sites, terrible low quality stuff infested with loads of rubbish ads.

Plus there’s an established convention where quality entertainment services always come with the cost of a paid subscription, after any initial free trial. 

Our Idea? Feel the Freedom. 

We’d redefine the meaning of Free when it comes to entertainment services, and persuade non-believers that with Netflix there is such a thing as a free lunch. 

Our idea was to capture the genuine emotions of experiencing our Free for the first time. We’d show how local audiences react to hearing about the perks of Netflix Free Plan, and use this energy to persuade others that ‘sounds too good to be true’ can actually be true with Netflix. 

And of course, we took over the most iconic buildings in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, really making a massive visual impact in introducing the Netflix Free Plan. 

But the best bit? Turning our idea into culture. 

We collaborated with the incredibly talented Suboi, one of the most skillful and loved rappers in Vietnam. Creating a musical tribute to our redefinition of Free. Her mega hit song ‘Cho Khong’ (Given for Free) built a lyrical bridge to get our message across. The lyrics played with the notion of how and why things are ‘given for free’ which was a tonally perfect way of presenting Netflix Free Plan to an otherwise dubious audience.