Life feels like a full time job. And everyone has just about had enough.

I’m an adult. Get me out of here.

New job, new house, hot date, big wedding, big family; it all sounds exciting, but quickly becomes a chore. A massive list of chores.

And it’s not just the big stuff. The teeny little stuff all adds up too. Doctors, dentists, bills, wills, remembering your pills, forwarding emails, texting back. 

We see you. And we want to give you a break. Even a quick one helps sometimes. 

Adulting is tough. So we’ll take you on an Escapade.

This campaign was all about taking Monkey Shoulder beyond the usual drinking contexts, and placing it smack bang in the middle of real life. Finding tangible moments in culture when our audience feel the need for a dash of playful escapism, and creating an authentic space for Monkey Shoulder in online conversations.

In more literal terms, it was about taking people from what they’re doing, to what they’d much rather be doing. Finding moments our audience will love to hate to relate to. 

From tedious house move, to banging house party.

From boring flatmate interviews, to self-care cocktails with the girls.

From working the weekend, to a wacky work social. 

From a bad swipe, to games night.

The work was really about possibility. Monkey Shoulder represents the fact that whatever boring stuff is going down, there’s always the option to escape to somewhere better.

From what you’re doing, got to do, have to do…

…to what you’d rather be doing.