Lost In Space

Out of this World OOH

Netflix’s pioneering reboot of the 1960s sci-fi show Lost in Space called for a large-scale, impactful campaign to match.

Blasting off in Malaysia, this out-of-home activation used four strategic locations and over 50 screens to ramp up excitement for the much-anticipated launch and gets fans excited to explore a new world.

While the bulk of placements were covered with trailers and motion posters, three unique spots stood out amongst the rest: the mesmerising LED installation, real-time weather and temperature forecasts for the ‘unknown’ planet and a live mission launch countdown.

The question

How do you immerse passersby in a fictitious world through eye-catching, larger-than-life OOH?

The answer

Bring elements of the alternate universe into the real world and transform their existing environment.

Large digital screens gave the illusion of a real spacecraft launch.

Real-time weather API offered a live weather feed for the ‘unknown’ planet.

The boundary-shattering activation was a thrilling first for Tommy, winning three top prizes in the MediaPost’s Digital OOH Awards.


Another case crash-landed ahead.

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