LEGO Ninjago

Putting the Pieces Together

A captivating toolkit and creative spread are the building blocks of a US domestic digital advertising campaign. Working closely with the client and their media agency, team Tommy took on the challenge of a globally-celebrated franchise in full swing.

Following the massive success of previous movies, The LEGO NINJAGO Movie installment follows a teenage outcast on his quest to bring a warlord father to justice with the help of his warrior friends. Tommy used rich artwork and assets from the feature to craft over a hundred formats, statics, standards, and enhanced and expanded takeovers for use across all screen sizes - phone, tablet, desktop, cinema screens and kindle.

Tommy also tapped into targeted bespoke formats for Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Fandango, IMBD / Amazon, and YouTube - incorporating dynamic video rotation and COPPA compliant messaging for younger audiences. Take that, criminally-dull digital campaigns!

The question

How do you assemble a kick ass advertising campaign?

The answer

Cover the essentials, then flip the script with custom content for specific sites.

Top-priority was to create a set of eye-catching pieces adaptable across platforms and audiences.

Tommy tailored to the highest-impact sites, ensuring peak awareness amongst core consumers.

Looking for that missing piece?

Let’s keep building.

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