Welcome to the Jungle

Swinging into action for the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle home entertainment campaign, Tommy developed social creative that capatalised on exclusive behind-the-scenes content that added value to the film’s upcoming release.

Highlighting key moments from the blooper reel, we gave fans early access to exclusive footage through custom social videos and responsive Facebook 3D Touch pieces. Pushing the campaign's interactivity further, a responsive story-based Messenger bot guided users through scenes from the film, allowing them to choose their own adventure and dig deeper into the narrative. What's the best course of action when ambushed by a pack of jaguars: perform a flying kick, or jump on the back of an elephant and charge straight in? You decide!

The question

How do you re-market to an entrenched audience with content that adds value?

The answer

Orient towards immersive and customisable creative that introduces a whole new side of the story.

Blooper social videos were shared to 450,000 unique users, with the highest performing video receiving 200,000 views.

Tommy’s Messenger bot racked up 60,000 lifetime users, with the a majority playing through the entire experience.

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