Insidious: The Last Key

Entering the Further

The social campaign for the fourth and final installment of the paranormal horror, Insidious, needed to go deeper and darker than any of its predecessors. Sony Pictures brought our team on to create a sinister series, with a distinctly homespun feel, that could be communicated internationally.

We first built a backstory for Elise - our lead protagonist - starting with her childhood sketches from the 1950s through to journaled visions from her teenage years. Incorporating a back-to-basics approach, we utilised a range of mixed medium techniques to craft content that felt freakishly authentic. Hand-drawn illustrations, inking, charcoal, watercolours and paper collage all provided foundational elements for what was later photographed and manipulated digitally in the studio.

The campaign was elevated to the next level, however, with a 360 video that virtually recreated Elise's family home. Modeled in its entirety from on-set photography - and made complete with custom audio and objects - the user journeyed down an ominous hallway, into the basement, and finally...the Further.

The question

How do you step inside the world of one of the most recognizable horrors?

The answer

Authentically recreate the experience in stunning digital 360.

As the campaign progressed, the styling and creative techniques evolved.

Breaking through the 2.8 million view mark, this milestone 360 piece represented a turning point in the campaign.

Look through the Keyhole

A case is locked in ahead.

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