Hell or High Water

Advertising, site design... and beer

With a stellar cast - Hell or High Water is a crime thriller set in the west Texan desert. For this campaign Tommy was tasked with digitally extending the atmosphere of a highly detailed thriller.

Tommy created a comprehensive ad campaign which included banners, skins and roadblocks on sites such as Fandango, Indiewire and Rotten Tomatoes. Alongside this, Tommy concepted and delivered the official site - featuring dynamic videos, quotes and imagery designed for the most discerning of cinefiles.

Tommy partnered with a craft brewer in Texas to create the ‘Texas Lawger’ - a lager custom made for this movie. The beverage included ingredients like prickly pear a key plant from the Texan desert. Tommy branded the beer, help filmed its creation and interviewed the beer makers. The beer had a limited release, was provided to influencers in the region and advertising agencies on the night of the movie’s release. Of course, the main stars of the movie were able to sample the beverage at the premiere.

The question

How do we give fans the true taste of Texas?

The answer

Give them an authentic Texan lager, and let them drink it.

A site that feels natural on mobile and desktop, where the user feels as though they have been dropped into the desert.

Enhance the online campaign with a real life lager, made to fit for the movie.

Don’t mess with Texas

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