It’s not just what you say, it's how you say it.

We teamed up with FX to deliver a full campaign for Danny Boyle’s new show, Pistol.

The show, based on the memoir by guitarist Steve Jones, chronicles the meteoric rise of the Sex Pistols and the indelible mark they left on music and culture the world over.

We knew our anti-social media campaign had to do right by the band. Frenetic, freewheeling and anarchic, it drew on their attitude and energy to stand out, shout loud, and not play by the rules.

Not doing what’s expected is the very essence of punk. Stand up. Stand out. Do something different.Will Tunstall, Chief Design Officer, Tommy

Like the band themselves, the campaign was an exciting potent mix, filled with bags of personality: social content packed with single finger salutes, Instagram takeovers, gamified content and countdowns, digital advertising, TikTok podcasts, AR filters and fashion carousels to inspire the next generation of latex-wearing Westwood fans.

In a time when audiences are exposed to an endless sea of sameness, we showed that you don’t need to follow the crowd, and that is the very essence of punk.