We staged a full-blown gameshow in the metaverse, then beamed it into the real world

Binance, wanted to establish themselves as web3 leaders and collaborate with the next generation of entrepreneurs, sought a way to make a lasting impact in the metaverse.

Enter a groundbreaking 7-part reality show, a first of its kind, meticulously crafted to connect with a niche audience and put Binance at the forefront of innovation. Over 900 applicants vied for a spot, with 12 startups selected for the chance to secure substantial investment for their revolutionary ideas.

It takes real guts to do something totally new. With Binance, we had the perfect partners to make this possible.

The ‘set’ was designed and built in the metaverse. It transported the judges, participants, and audience into the world they endeavored to change.

With unique avatars, each person could put their personal stamp on the event, setting themselves (and their proposals) apart. 

But it didn’t end there. We documented the entire experience with a live shoot within the metaverse, streaming on Binance Live and their YouTube Channels.

This wasn’t just about engaging an already primed audience group, It was about showcasing the potential of the metaverse space. 

We got their attention

– 150 live avatar audience members & judges took part in the event

– Over 44 countries watched live

– We reached 370 million viewers worldwide

Are you willing something to try something new. Like never been done before and you have no idea where to start new. Time to talk to Tommy.