Blade Runner 2049

Integrating into the Future

With the return of the international sci-fi franchise, the Blade Runner 2049 campaign was set to be a behemoth undertaking by Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., and Alcon Entertainment. Tommy was brought on to engineer subtle marketing content with a distinctly futuristic atmosphere that could be communicated internationally.

Tommy first created a faux advertising spread to tease the film’s return, translated into 80+ languages worldwide, and a character poster series that propelled the campaign into the future. Then, through stunning 360 HD video experiences, Tommy imagined how some of the world’s most epic cities would look, sound and feel in the dystopian world of 2049.

The stage set, Tommy delved into custom trailers which integrated typography directly into the film - characters literally interacting with subtitles as they flew past in visually arresting motion graphics. Finally, countdown videos and an iconic review series pushed the limits of how announcement information can be seamlessly fused with creative.

The question

How do you transport audiences to the future through social media?

The answer

Employ groundbreaking formats with creative that is transferable across cultures.

Tommy injected life into a robotic format, pushing the boundaries of visual campaigns.

Creative concepts were translated for a global market - with embedded subtitles becoming one with the film.

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