Tommy's Carbon Negative Pledge and Ecologi

Tommy's Carbon Negative Pledge and Ecologi

Tommy has joined the BIMA pledge to become a carbon negative business.

The future of our planet is important to all of us at Tommy. We feel compelled to play our part in stemming the negative environmental impacts that the good work we do for our clients might incur. This is why we have joined BIMA’s Carbon Negative pledge.

To this end Tommy group has calculated that our annual Carbon Footprint based on 2019 activity (with pre-pandemic travel habits) for Tommy UK was 258 tons (Company CO2 Emissions). Calculations for Tommy LA and Tommy SG are still being crunched, but we don’t want to wait. We can assume based on headcount that overall the group’s Carbon Footprint will be in the region of 400 tons of CO2 Emissions annually.

To offset this, Tommy supports the good works of Ecologi who, through a combination of investment in projects which provide clean climate alternatives (from clean cooking fuel to water treatment, renewal energy, forest management, and more), provide companies and individuals the tools to help fight climate change.

The Tommy profile on Ecologi doesn’t look like too much yet, but if you view it you can see our good progress. We offset monthly at a rate of 56.7 tons of carbon (equivalent to 766 trees planted*) a month, which will bring us to 680.4 tons of carbon offset by the end of the year. Against our estimated impact of 400 tons of CO2 Emissions a year, this effort should make us annually carbon negative by the end of 2021.  Why be carbon neutral when we can be carbon negative?

*Do you just support planting a bunch of trees?

No, but trees-planted are an understandable and familiar metric which Ecologi utilises as a base to compare the power of client improvement across its many varied projects.

What have we actually supported so far?

[ctaBtn url=”” target=”_blank” icon=”arrowRight”]Geothermal power production in West Java Indonesia[/ctaBtn]

[ctaBtn url=”” target=”_blank” icon=”arrowRight”]Protecting and restoring forests in Papua New Guinea[/ctaBtn]

This is just one important part of Tommy’s environmental responsibility efforts, but crucially it’s one that we can continue even when we aren’t in the office.  We’re grateful to BIMA and Ecologi for their guidance and support in this initiative.  There’s no doubt that we must all make good stewardship of the earth a priority for the future of our planet, personally as well as in business.