Batman is back and he’s got a whole new AR ride.

Batman is back and he’s got a whole new AR ride.

We partnered with Warner Bros to unleash the Batmobile in an AR experience that truly pushed the boundaries of what’s possible on Instagram and Facebook with a dual 3D lens in the promotion of the Batman film premiering today.

Try it on your phone: [Opens Instagram]

Open the world camera for a flaming Batmobile to skid into your driveway, then flip to your selfie camera to see yourself as the Batman in the poster. Open it at night and you’ll get a special easter egg – the Bat-Signal directly overhead.

The experience was designed for Facebook and Instagram and gives fans the chance to bring the new-look Batmobile into their world using the rear-facing camera on their mobile device. Whether that’s in front of your house or on your coffee table, users can explore every angle of the iconic vehicle. Using the actual 3D model of the vehicle from the film, the Tommy team added sound design and animation in Spark AR to bring the car to life like never before.

The team also programmed an easter egg for fans to discover. Using the lens at night reveals the Bat-signal above the car depending on the time across all time zones.

Lastly, using the front-facing camera fans can become Gotham’s crime-fighting vigilante hero. Anyone can now recreate their own iconic Batman pose in the actual 3D model of the Cowl from the film.

The lens can be accessed from the official The Batman Instagram account and is already being used by fans around the world.

Dougal Strachan, Senior Vice President at Tommy Los Angeles says “The batmobile has always been an iconic part of this beloved franchise and in The Batman, we see a more realistic, deconstructed take on it. We wanted to give fans the opportunity to interact with the new batmobile in their world, in a way that would feel visceral and authentic to the movie. As an added treat users can don the iconic cape and cowl and there’s an easter egg for eagle-eyed fans who use the AR lens at night.”

The movie releases in most markets around the world on March 4.