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The Star

The release of The Star, an animated twist on the nativity story, was on the horizon when Sony Home Entertainment brought on Tommy to create an interactive social campaign that inspired audiences to buy and watch the film.

For fans to explore the themes and characters, Tommy launched a Facebook Messenger bot that allowed users of all ages to learn more about The Star storyline and drive them to purchase.

In the auto-responding graphic and copy-based activation, we asked questions about users’ lives and provided moral lessons from the perspective of characters from the film. Each week, for six weeks, a notification was sent to followers of the experiences notifying them that a new lesson was available. At the end of each lesson, participants were rewarded with a social graphic they could share to spread their learnings with friends and family.

To further add value, generate buzz, and solidify brand loyalty, Tommy curated a rollout of promotional materials, directing users to the Messenger experience, including a custom scan-code insert included in all copies of the DVD and Blu-ray sold in the United States. With 6,000+ participants reached, this platform activation offered a new approach to home entertainment marketing.

Interactivity allowed the Star Facebook Messenger Bot to maintain a high level of user retention throughout the campaign’s duration.

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05 January 2018
Chris Edwards / Co-Founder

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