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Mission Impossible: Fallout

To build hype around the release of Mission Impossible: Fallout, Tommy was given a slice of the action. We launched a mobile game that brought to life a death-defying scene from the film where Ethan Hunt performs a HALO (High Altitude Low Open - we had no idea either) jump above Paris in order to take down a target.

Localised to 17 languages, fans could use their phone’s gyroscope to control Ethan in free fall, flying through oxygen rings to keep him alive in the high altitude. Literally breathtaking. With thunder and lightning effects, we could also throw the user off balance and collide them into Henry Cavill’s character August Walker.

As the highly-anticipated film grossed $790 million worldwide, it was amazing for Tommy to be part of this international campaign. So do try this at home. Take the leap for yourself.

Tommy sent Ethan Hunt's skydiving exploits around the world, with the game being fully localised into 17 languages.

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13 June 2018
Chris Edwards / Co-Founder

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