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First Reformed

With a film that delivers a polemic and spiritual message, it is prudent to let the creative speak for itself. To help promote the A24 masterpiece First Reformed, Tommy let the footage shine through with an eye-catching graphic collection.

Placing the staggering performances by Ethan Hawke and Amanda Seyfried at the forefront, Tommy leveraged a balance of critical campaign messaging and the visuals of acclaimed director, Paul Schrader.

To build on this, Tommy introduced novel ways to present film footage, from displaying video through a zoetrope to creating a shifting frame that transforms into a cross, mirroring the weighty themes from the film. Contrasting drama with empty space, light with dark, this social series elevated the tension of the footage and highlighted the thematic motifs that define the theatrical work.

Creating a large volume of social pieces in anticipation for the theatrical release, Tommy ensured all creative was fully functional as standalone assets, with the combined effect reaching far beyond the marketing potential of any single post. High-quality social creative is a doctrine we can stand behind.

Creative with broad appeal that stays true to the tone and look of the film.

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20 February 2018
Chris Edwards / Co-Founder

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