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All the money in the World

In an effort to communicate the pedigree of All the Money in the World’s director Ridley Scott and on-screen talent Michelle Williams, Mark Wahlberg, and Christopher Plummer, Tommy was brought on to elevate the film while educating audiences on the historical significance of the real-life characters around which the story was based.

In support of the film’s domestic theatrical campaign, Tommy delivered an array of social pieces focused on conveying key campaign release messaging, with a spotlight on the film’s outstanding editorial reviews. Tommy also created an explorable Facebook Canvas that took users on a deep dive into the Getty family tree, making clear each family member's relationship to one another and the role they played in the harrowing story of the film.

The social campaign, with a Facebook Canvas viewed by more than 1.6 million people and social graphics spread across channels, total impressions for Tommy’s efforts have easily pushed past the 2 million mark. You can take that to the bank!

Tommy’s pieces have netted more the 2,000,000 impressions.

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01 December 2017
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