That’s right, attention.

We believe you have to earn people’s time. You have to command it, rather than demand it. Treat it with respect rather than complacency.

Everyone is a consumer, everyone is a curator, and the battle for their time has never been greater. Assuming that no-one cares about you or your brand is a good place to start. Because like it or not, your competition has changed.

You’re no longer just competing with others in your category, you’re up against that new streaming show, the latest #challenge, that celebrity Story takeover. Even grandma on the family group chat wants a piece of it. Competing with all that and more. For the two seconds of attention people are willing to give.

You have to earn it. You must value people and give them value. After all, if you don’t grab them, you’re gone. You had two seconds and you blew it.

This is why we focus on attention. On catching the eye, then catching the mind. On fitting in yet standing out. On always asking the question:

Do we deserve your attention?