Visit Britain

The great undiscovered.

To get younger tourists visiting parts of Britain that are often overlooked, we partnered with Yahoo to create a Tumblr that encouraged a more visual generation to wander London and further afield on their next trip to the UK.

With Tumblr outperforming Twitter and Facebook in both growth and interaction, this campaign thrived on the more picture and gif-based platform, its easily sharable content reaching audiences across the globe, from the USA to the UAE.

The question

How do you market to the visual generation?

The answer

Make the right type of content for the right kind of platform.

Context is king.

Tumblr is such a visual platform, laden with images and gifs. It's the perfect tool to aid discovery.

Chris Edwards
Managing Partner

What did well?

Anything featuring...

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, a lot of the content we’re posting on Tumblr resurfaces. It’s not just a single moment in time.

Phillip Taylor
Head of marketing, Visit Britain

We used the ‘Inspire me’ button to randomly pull from the archive, hugely extending the life of older posts.

Over 200,000 likes, reblogs or follows in the first three weeks.

With over 300 of the world’s top brands on the network, we’re only seeing the start of what Tumblr can do.

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