Joining the Losers’ Club

As the iconic Stephen King legend - and the origin of all our worst clown nightmares - IT grew to become one of the most anticipated box office releases of the summer. For those who love Stephen King’s universe, IT had a lot to live up to - for new fans, a mysterious adventure awaited in the sewers under Derry.

To reintroduce the characters and ground the movie in the relatable, lovable characters, Tommy was hired by Warner Bros. Pictures to develop an entertaining, cinematic and scary web experience for the film’s release. Modelled on the infamous slide projector from the trailer and focusing on members of The Losers’ Club, Pennywise takes control of your screen in an experience you have to see to believe. Loaded with easter eggs and content from the film, Tommy developed an immersive way to reach a wide range of audiences to tease the long-awaited remake.

The question

How do you reintroduce some of the most famous Stephen King characters in a captivating, fun digital experience?

The answer

Build an engaging digital website that tells its own story from a new perspective -

The Losers.

Let the Losers show you Derry.

It might be hiding something amazing.

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