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For so many of the titles on Amazon Video, adoring fans have created online communities of social content, including memes, quotes, artistic renders and completely new and unique creations with their creative prowess. Amazon wanted to thank its fans and give back to these communities by creating both a hub for content and also create fun, creative, on-trend content which fans could re-share beside their own, or use it as inspiration.

Tommy was tasked with creating a drumbeat of on-trend creative social content for multiple social networks, to connect with existing and new millennial fans of Amazon features in the UK. Across the web, on multiple different online destinations Tommy now creates custom pieces which are programmed, shared, retweeted, favorited and liked thousands of times a day. If you’re a fan of an Amazon property online, it’s likely you’ve seen some Tommy content.

The question

How do you inspire everyday audiences to become creators?

The answer

Show them on-trend creative, translated into content they see every day.

On their favourite social networks

In their favourite styles, with their favourite characters.

Such wow.

Much meme.
So case study.



Bring it on


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